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Red Rose Chain Comedy of Errors

Shakespeare wasn’t like this when we were at School!

Red Rose Chain return to Jimmy’s Farm this summer to bring their unique twist on Shakespeare’s The Comedy Of Errors.

Directed by Joanna Carrick, The Comedy Of Errors is full of mistaken identity, which, as the title would suggest, makes for a very funny tale.

Two sets of twins are shipwrecked, and the siblings are separated with one set saved by their father, whilst their brothers were lost at sea along with their mother.

Years later the boys decide to set out to look for their twin brothers. Arriving in a strange town, the boys are both surprised and confused to note that it feels like everyone already knows them… Confused? Yes, and so were we, but that’s the beauty of this comical play.

As always Red Rose have added their magic to the performance – I’m not sure that in Shakespeare’s day the soldiers would have worn pack-a-macs and carried guns, however the whole production works beautifully.

redrose_comedy1The show is cast fantastically well, in fact the servant twins are so much alike, that it would be easy to be thinking that it was the same actor who was changing his clothes and, it’s not until Tristan Pate and Laurence Pears both appear on stage together that you realise they are in fact two actors! Both of whom where brilliant, throwing themselves in to the action that was unfolding.

Theatre in the Forest is always an enjoyable evening out and this year is no exception. Even if you have never read any Shakespeare, don’t be put off as this talented theatre company makes the story very easy to follow. And, don’t worry if you find this particular story confusing – we think everybody was confused…

This production is so fast paced, with so many costume changes that it is hard to believe that it is brought to you by just six very talented actors. In fact, they are probably Suffolk’s most hard working actors, as whilst performing The Comedy Of Errors by night, they are busy rehearsing for a performance of Wuthering Heights which is coming to Jimmy’s Farm in August, when Emily Bronte will receive the Red Rose treatment…

So why not take a trip into the woods this summer, you are sure to have a big surprise!!!

For more information about Theatre in the Forest visit www.redrosechain.com or telephone 01473 603388.


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