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Eastern Angles head to Hush House

Antony-Gabriel-&-TomIt’s fitting that Eastern Angles’ new show ‘Ragnarok’, about the rivalry between the Norse Gods and Giants is taking place at the Hush House, an old hanger on the Bentwaters airfield.

With fire, water, gigantic puppets and an amazing cast of legendary characters like Odin, Thor, and the trickster Loki the play parallels the skirmishes between the great super powers of America and Russia.

Eastern Angles have been creating productions for The Hush House for over a decade. First ‘Bentwater Roads’, which explored the history behind the local area, including pagans, the nearby medieval church and the infamous UFO rumours. Then there was the classic story of ‘Margaret Catchpole’ with smugglers, folk music and a set that included a beach, a boat and wooden dockside.

Theo-OgundipeWith ‘Ragnarok’ Eastern Angles will focus on the stories that helped shape this region and celebrate Norse culture. As Odin prepares to sacrifice his eye for wisdom, Thor wields his magical hammer and the rapscallion Loki shape-shifts his way out of mischief, their whole world approaches a precipice.

With ingenious storytelling from playwright Charles Way, an ethereal soundscape and fantastic performances this unmissable piece of theatre transport audiences to another world.

Ragnarok is at the Hush House, Bentwaters from Thursday 11th until Sun 28th September. For more information and to book tickets ring 01473 211498 or visit www.easternangles.co.uk


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