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Review: Friend or Foe, Mercury, Colchester

Jake-Davies-and-Sean-Aydon-(Robert-Day)Friend or Foe is the latest production to grace the stage at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester. Written By Michael Morpurgo, Friend or Foe tells the story of David and Tucky, two eleven year old London boys who were evacuated to the country during World War 2 and the adventures they have on Mr and Mrs Reynolds farm.

A small cast of just five and a very simple set of a bombed out house is the backdrop to the tale which sees, David and Tucky, now 15, tell their story and re-live the day that they spotted a plane over the moors, and then discovered two German airman hiding out amongst the rocky peaks. But will the boys help the enemy or will they turn them in to the authorities?

The boy’s tale is beautifully told, in a believable way. From the time David leaves his mother in London, the boy’s long train journey and meeting their new family, the audience were gripped as the action unfolded.

The river scene was amazing, with very clever choreography and some great lighting that made this simple set come alive.

Full-Company-(Robert-Day)Jake Davies and Séan Aydon play David and Tucky brilliantly, very cleverly switching from telling their story to playing the action with ease. And just how does Tucky eat so much bread?
The remainder of this small cast play a number of different characters well, even with the variety of accents!

Overall this is a truly wonderful production of this simple story well told, If you’re a real fan of Michael Morpurgo’s books you may notice a few discrepancies from the original storyline, however this by no means takes away from the fact that this is a very good evening out at the theatre.

Friend or Foe is at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester until Saturday 13th September. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01206 573948 or visit www.mercurytheatre.co.uk

– Wendy Cook, Ipswich24 Magazine –


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