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3 for 1 play

British playwright David Tristram has published over twenty-five plays which have been performed worldwide and translated into many languages. His hilarious comedies parody life, dreams and sex and, are loved by audiences, professionals and Am Dram groups alike.
This Autumn the Two Rivers Theatre Company bring these three one act plays to the Sir John Mills Theatre.

What’s For Pudding
Mary and Jack’s dull Saturday evening is interrupted by the arrival of their friends Ted and Maureen with an invitation and their neighbour Dennis who wants some new trousers. As whisky begins to flow and minor squabbles escalate even Mary stops complaining about being bored…

Last Panto In Little Grimley
Membership and funds of Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society are dwindling fast, so it’s time for dramatic action. Chairman Gordon knows that sex sells so he writes a new panto with a twist! Printer problems, costume troubles and short tempers ensure this show doesn’t go too smoothly.

The Extraordinary Revelations Of Orca The Goldfish
For Henry Smith, life is rarely dull. For his wife Alice, life is rarely anything else. Enter Michel, a French waiter, tall dark and available. Exactly what happens next only their goldfish really knows. But is he going to tell?

• The Two Rivers Theatre Company are performing An Evening with David Tristram with 3 One Act Plays at the Sir John Mills Theatre from Wednesday 1st October until Saturday 4th October. To book tickets Contact The Box Office on 01473 211498 or you can book online at www.easternangles.co.uk

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