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The Ick Factor comes to Ipswich Museum

On Monday 6th October, the Ipswich Museum is flinging open its doors to anyone who is curious about the natural world of disgusting things.

Revolting things are often so interesting that we remember the science behind them, and even repeat the gruesome facts to our friends and family. 

As part of the run up to Biology Week 2014, this fun-filled free event will see three well-known speakers take to the stage for an informal chat about ‘icky’ things in the natural world.

Dr Sai Pathmanathan MSB, who organised the event for the Society of Biology’s East Anglia Branch, said: “This event will give all ages the chance to discover that many things we think are disgusting are inherently interesting.

By tapping into the emotions of disgust, we will encourage people to explore the science behind what makes them squirm!”

Dr Mike Leahy, presenter of the Travel Channel’s ‘Bite Me’, will enthral visitors with tales of weird and wonderful animal encounters while travelling the world in his ‘ZooBus’;
Nicola Davies, children’s’ author and natural world enthusiast, will explain the science behind poo and microbes;
and Dr Kathryn Harkup, chemist and vampirologist, will tell cautionary tales from her upcoming book “A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie”.

Dr Mark Downs, Chief Executive of the Society of Biology, said: “Biology affects us all: biological research has helped provide food, medicines, vaccinations, and much more. We have organised Biology Week to share our fascination with the world around us.”

This free event runs from 17:30 to 19:00 and everyone is welcome. To book your place please visit the WEBSITE

The event is funded by the Society of Biology’s Regional Grant Scheme.

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