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Ipswich lad gets funding for boxing sessions

Local resident Leon Porter, has been given £300 of funding by O2 Think Big to run boxing sessions for young people in the local area.

The 20 year-old from Gainsborough in Ipswich is the brains behind the initiative which aims to give young people in the area the opportunity to keep fit in a fun and sociable way through boxing classes.

leonThe sessions, which will be held over six weeks at Gainsborough Community Library, will be on offer to young people aged 14 and over. Leon will facilitate the sessions alongside a local Community Support Officer, who will be leading the classes.

Leon felt passionate about starting the club as he’s a volunteer at the local library in Gainsborough and often has young people talk to him about other activities they can get involved in. He plans to use the money on buying fitness equipment needed to run the event.

O2’s Think Big supports young people such as Leon all over the UK by transforming their creativity and passions into projects that benefit their local communities through money, support and training.

The initiative works by putting cash directly in the hands of young people and supporting them to use the money in a way that delivers a positive impact in their local area.

In addition to the financial support, Leon will receive substantial training and mentoring from experienced O2 professionals, to give him a hand in holding these sessions.
Leon said:

“I was so happy when I heard that I’ve been granted the funding to make these boxing sessions happen. Many young people have asked me to start something up, so I’m looking forward to making it a reality for them. The money will be so helpful when it comes to buying equipment and I’m excited to get stuck into the project.”

Bill Eyres, head of O2 Think Big said:

“Young people are brimming with ideas, passion and enthusiasm and we want to encourage all of that exciting creativity. That’s exactly what O2 Think Big is about. We give bright young people the tools and help needed to grow their passion and ideas.

“Leon impressed us with his commitment to making a real difference to his local community and we wish him every success in what’s a really worthwhile project.”

Young people who would like to attend the boxing sessions should contact Leon by emailing club4teenz@gmail.com.

O2 Think Big has helped to fund and make over 4,000 youth projects happen across the UK over the past 3 years.

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