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50 years and Beatles return to Regent

50 Years On and “The Beatles” Return to the Ipswich Regent

If the walls of the Ipswich Regent could talk, they’d be screaming with fear right now at the mention of a Beatles show appearing at the theatre.

Formerly the Ipswich Gaumont, the venue paid host to the Beatles twice in the early Sixties. During John, Paul, George and Ringo’s first visit in 1963 the star of the band was in the ascendancy. However, by the time of their second visit on October 31, 1964, the fame of The Beatles was at its height.

The then manager of the Gaumont, David Lowe, has said that the chief constable of Ipswich Police greeted the news that the Beatles would be appearing at the theatre by saying “heaven help us”.
David has reported that the selling of the 3,000 tickets demanded as much meticulous planning as the concert itself.
Sold on a first come, first served basis, they went on sale on a Sunday morning. However, fans began queuing the night before, camping out on the pavement, and police were required to ensure the queue remained orderly.

Those in the queue were fortunate enough to get tickets for concert shows – there were two performances – that are still talked about today.

Music lovers, who were impressionable youngsters back in 1964, have vivid memories of “the day the Beatles came to town”, according to Michael Taylor who produces the authoritative Beatles stage show The Magic of Beatles.

“The production has been re-treading the Beatles’ 1964 UK tour dates with its Hard Day’s Night Golden Anniversary show,” says Michael.

“And it’s been a joy to hear the recollections of members of the show’s audiences of their personal experiences of Beatlemania.”
There is film footage of the 1964 Ipswich performances which clearly shows the amazing crowd hysteria that greeted the four lads from Liverpool.

“If the walls of the Ipswich Regent could talk,” says Michael, “they’d still be hoarse from all the screaming that greeted The Beatles on October 31, 1964.”

Anglia TV footage of The Beatles at The Ipswich Gaumont: http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/story/2013-03-12/the-beatles-in-east-anglia/

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