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World champion town crier helps open new business

On Saturday 22nd November, Christmas shoppers gathered to watch the World Champion Female Town Crier, Carole Williams, proclaim the opening of a new business in Ipswich Town Centre. A-Plan, the high street insurance broker, launched its new branch at 4 Princes Street, the old Nicholas Estates premises, near Barclays Bank, bringing a welcome boost to Ipswich Town Centre along with employment opportunities for local people.

Jon Allsey branch manager said: “We appreciate that buying insurance can sometimes be confusing, so the temptation to just go for a cheap deal and arrange it in a few clicks of the mouse is understandable. But if you talk to a local broker they will do the shopping around to find the best policy for your individual circumstances.

“A-Plan likes to be where people can access us easily and where there is an opportunity to engage with local businesses and residents. Ipswich town centre is a great location for A-Plan and on a personal level I feel proud to play a part in the town’s economy and feel passionate about getting involved in the local community.”

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