Put on your dancing shoes

Foxyrock Rock n Roll club must be one of Suffolk’s best-kept secrets. If you like the music of the 1950’s then you will love this.

If you can’t dance or have never tried rock n roll then Foxyrock can show you some simple basic steps to get you going. The first 45 minutes is for beginners and improvers then it’s on with the rock n roll for the rest of the evening. With a resident DJ Crazy Nadge in charge of the music, there is rock n roll until 10.30 pm. There is a bar and plenty of car parking space available, plus food is usually available too!

The dance floor is fab and fully sprung – got to be one of the best for miles around. If you don’t want to dance then just come along to listen to the music and enjoy the social side.

Come along and give it a try on alternate Sundays at Kesgrave Social Club, Edmonton Road, Kesgrave, Ipswich, doors open 7.30 pm. (March dates: 15th and 29th).

A very friendly welcome awaits you. Foxyrock is run by Sharon, for more information you can contact her by calling 07542036527 or email