Police warning following break-ins and attempted break-ins

Police are appealing for information and reminding residents of home security advice after four burglaries and two attempted burglaries in Ipswich.

The four burglaries all took place between 9am and 10.30pm on Tuesday 24th March.
The first happened in Belstead Avenue, where a property was broken into, but nothing stolen. The second happened in Ashcroft Road, where jewellery and cash were stolen from within. The third in Rushmere Road, where a property was broken into and jewellery, an Xbox 360 console, iPad mini and an Amazon Kindle stolen. The fourth happened in Bransby Gardens, but nothing was stolen from within.

An attempted burglary also took place in Ellenbrook Road at approximately 9pm on Tuesday 24 March. An offender has tried to gain entry to a property, but is believed to have been disturbed by the resident.

Another attempted burglary took place in Stratford Road between 12pm on Saturday 21 March and 2.30pm on Tuesday 24 March. An offender has tried to break into a property but not been successful.

Anyone with information relating to these crimes should contact Ipswich Priority Crime Team on 101 quoting either IW/15/1041, 1042 or 1043 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Police would like to remind people to ensure their homes are secure at all times and consider taking the following simple precautions where possible:

• Fit secure locks to all doors and fit a door chain or bar.
• Fit visible window locks, including rear or side windows and those above a low roof.
• Visible burglar alarms make burglars think twice; get specialist advice and consult your insurance company.
• Use timer switches to turn on lights and radios when you are out to give the impression that your home is occupied.
• Be alert to strangers loitering in residential streets; if in doubt call the police.
• Never leave spare keys in a hiding place such as under a doormat, in a flowerpot or inside the letterbox.
• Ensure valuables are suitably security marked; if not practicable, take photographs of valuable items and keep a note of any serial numbers.
• Ensure that handbags, wallets, mobile phones and car keys are kept safely in your bedroom at night.
• Fit a strong, lockable gate across side passages.
• Always leave garages and sheds locked.
• Keep garden equipment and furniture locked in a shed.
• Provide good lighting and fit movement detectors.