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Real Nappy Week in April: nappy catwalk.

As part of the baby show, run by the NCT Bury St Edmunds Branch on 19th April, babies and toddlers will be modelling a selection of modern cloth nappies. The cloth nappies now available to parents are made from plush fabrics with bright colours and prints. The catwalk will show a selection of those available and hopefully tempt people to explore this option further. A raffle has been launched for some beautiful handmade nappies and accessories, tickets on sale throughout April via Suffolk Cloth Nappies’ facebook page or at the Baby Fair on the 19th April.

Real Nappy Week, an annual event held each April, was established to celebrate everything that is fabulous about using cloth nappies. Up and down the country retailers, manufacturers, cloth nappy libraries and local councils hold give-aways, events and aim to spread the word about why families love using real nappies.

Suffolk Cloth nappies is a small team of volunteer parents who want to support local families choosing to use cloth nappies on their children. They have hire kits available with a selection of different makes and types of nappy to borrow for a fortnight at a time. The nappies are all easy to wash, and many are as simple to put on as a disposable, it’s just a case of finding a good fit and choosing within your budget. It is hoped that hiring a kit will assist families to find the right nappies to buy for their child and discover if it a choice that will work for them.

Suffolk Cloth Nappies catwalk organiser, Abigail Gilby from Mildenhall said:
“It is hoped our events will help encourage people to find out more about cloth nappies, saving them money and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.”

Further information about real nappies:
Real nappies are a very practical way for a family to save some money and reduce their waste. Reliable, easy to wash nappies can save a family hundreds of pounds on disposables and can be used on multiple children, saving even more money over the ongoing cost of buying disposable nappies. An average child can get through 4500 disposable nappies but might need just 20-30 cloth nappies to see them through to potty training! As you can see even using cloth nappies just part time will make a huge difference to the amount of money spent on disposables and the amount of waste produced.

Dates and times:
• The cloth nappy catwalk
will be held at the NCT Baby Fayre on Sunday 19th April at Moreton Hall Prep School, Bury St Edmunds from 10am to 4pm.

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