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From Suffolk to the Trenches

A Town lecture entitled From Suffolk to the Trenches by Louise Miller will be at the Museum Street Methodist Church, Ipswich on Thursday 14th May 2015 from 1.00pm until 1.50pm.

MAY-TRENCHESAfter she was seriously wounded in 1916, Flora Sandes became a household name during WW1 for her exploits in the Serbian Army. She rose rapidly through the ranks, was mentioned twice in dispatches and was awarded the Star of Karadorde for bravery under fire. She remains the only woman known to have gone into battle as an enlisted Soldier during the War. Louise Miller examines why, of all the millions of Allied women who undertook some form of war work, only Flora was able to become a soldier. For the answer, Louise looks at both Flora’s upbringing in Suffolk and the extraordinary set of circumstances that arose in Serbia during the War, which led to British women flocking there in their hundreds.

Tea and biscuits are available. The kettle will be on the hob at 12.30pm.
Although admission is free, a retiring collection of £2.00 will be appreciated. This is to defray expenses incurred in hosting the series.

• More details can be obtained from secretary@ipswich-arts.org.uk www.ipswich-arts.org.uk or Telephone 01473 836973

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