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Red Rose Chain: Theatre in the Forest

DSC_0147On Sunday (Midsummer Night) we were lucky to be invited to a small gathering in a wood at Jimmy’s Farm.

This is to be the location for Red Rose Chain’s Theatre in the Forest production of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The actors assembled with us having only met each other for the first time an hour earlier!!

After introductions we were treated to a first read-through by the cast….
As reviewers we are used to seeing finished productions and therefore it was a great privilege and an insight, to be invited to this first reading.

It was fascinating to see the actors gradually moulding their roles and learning to work with one another.

The location already has the seating, although the scenery and lighting is still to go in. Although this little performance took place on the longest day it did get dark and much fun was had by the actors improvising with the barbecue and i-phones (other phones are available) to light their performance and read their scripts.

Even at this very early stage it’s obvious that Red Rose will once again have a winner on their hands and therefore we recommend that you buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

• A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Jimmy’s Farm 22nd July-30th August. Box office 01473 603388.


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