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Crowd-funding for Woodbridge Fireworks

Choose Woodbridge CIC, Woodbridge’s not-for-profit business and tourism association, is asking the community, including local businesses, to vote with their pocket money as to whether or not they want to have a fireworks display in Woodbridge in 2016.

At this year’s Woodbridge Carnival, Choose Woodbridge paid for a spectacular seventeen minute firework display to show the town what it’s been missing. Extremely positive feedback has lead the team to believe that there is demand within the town and nearby community for another display in 2016.

Unable to fully fund another display, Choose Woodbridge has set up a Just Giving Crowd Funding page to raise £3500 by the end of August. If they do not hit that amount, there will be no fireworks in Woodbridge next year.

If Choose Woodbridge does manage to raise the £3500 from the community and local businesses, the money will be used to fund a fireworks display at an event next year. What’s more the community can have their say as to what time of year the fireworks will take place.

Chris Harrold Chairman of Choose Woodbridge explains: “We’ve listened to the businesses and residents and many feel a display later in the year around Halloween or Bonfire Night would be better than a summer display. The main reason is that it could be earlier in the evening so youngsters could enjoy it too.

“We’ll ensure the money raised goes to putting on a display at the most popular time of year. We’ve set up a poll on www.choosewoodbridge.co.uk/fireworks where people can vote on when they would prefer to have the fireworks. We will be guided by the people on this one. We’re very much leaving the fate of Woodbridge fireworks in the hands of the community.”

“These events take a huge amount of work and money to organise, but by pledging just £2 per person (or more if you can afford it) this will help Choose Woodbridge to meet the costs. £335 has already been raised on the night of this year’s display and the objective is to raise £3500 towards the £5000 needed. If the target of £3500 is hit, Choose Woodbridge will make up the difference to enable the town to host another spectacular professional display.”

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