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The Dinner To Dine For RoadShow

We all love a Big Night In, whether it’s one of those Special evening treats with friends, family, or your ‘nearest and dearest’.

So what more excuse do you need than to simply indulge in an ‘at-home’ treat and to help really enjoy yourself at the 3rd Dinner To Dine For RoadShow which will be visiting your local store:

17/10/2015 Tesco Extra Ipswich Copdock Copdock, Interchange, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3TS

Lifestyle-smallThe RoadShow will be staffed by Dinner To Dine For Chefs and Brand Believers all dedicated to helping you make the very best of your Big Night In.

With a great spread of famous brand names, they’ll be free food & drink sampling, plus tips and advice on how to get the best from your Special night in.

What’s more, those visiting the RoadShow will have the chance to win delicious Dinner To Dine For Selection Boxes, packed full of our sponsor brand products. Shoppers can also win Selection Boxes on the Dinner To Dine For website – www.dinnertodinefor.co.uk

The Dinner To Dine For RoadShow is sponsored by; Carte D’Or – Once You’ve Got Carte D’Or, You’ve Got Dessert – Official Dessert, Echo Falls Fruit Fusions – #Feeling Fruity – Official Wine, Percol – Celebrate Taste With Percol – Official Coffee, Port Salut – Delicious Creamy French Cheese – Official Cheese, San Miguel – And The Best Is Yet To Come – Official Beer, The English Provender Company – For Delicious Feasts With An English Twist – Official Condiment & Walkers Market Deli – Real Deli Ingredients, Real Deli Taste – Official Snack.

Despite a growing economy, the ‘at-home’ meal treat/Big Night In market remains very much on trend, with ‘at-home entertaining’ reflecting the more prudent consumer lifestyles resulting from the recession. Now worth £1.1 billion and growing at +7% YoY* the multi-brand, multi-discipline grocery promotional campaign, ‘Dinner To Dine For’, will once again encourage consumers to treat themselves and to make those special evenings in…special!

Find out more at www.dinnertodinefor.co.uk or www.dinnertodinefor.co.uk/RoadShow & follow the fun on Facebook/dinnertodinefor and Twitter @Dinner2DineFor

*(TNS Worldpanel/Trade estimates)

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