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Classical Music, Theatre and Dance collide

Multi-award winning choreographer Sally Marie presents an evocative balance of classical music, theatre and dance with Sweetshop Revolution.

I loved you and I loved you depicts the richly romantic life of Morfydd Owen, one of Wales’ most distinguished classical composers, at DanceEast on Friday 29 January.

danceeastChoreographed by the 2014 winner of The Choreography for Children Award and developed in conjunction with National Theatre Wales and Coreo Cyrmu, this dance theatre work reflects upon the life of celebrated 20th century composer Morfydd Owen.

Born in the Welsh valleys in 1891, Owen’s talent for music flourished from an early age as did her fame for her beauty and sense of fun.

I loved you and I loved you follows the composer’s story from humble beginning to her meteoric rise as a composer while touching upon the turbulent relationships that marked much of her early twenties, telling her unique and compelling life story through to her early death at the age of just 26.

“It’s a totally fascinating story. And a true one. And due to our extensive research we have uncovered new truths not in any other biography in print… The piece begun as a duet but became a trio when we unearthed letters only released in 2012 that expose the depth of feeling she had for her best friend… Artistically, I am interested to find the best way to tell this incredible story, I am also interested to really explore in this a greater intimacy in relationships on stage in terms of dance. So that what we are watching feels as real as watching a film” – Sally Marie, Artistic Director of Sweetshop Revolution.

I loved you and I loved you is the first of four performances in DanceEast’s One Night Stand programme showing new work by the best new dance companies for one night only. The more you book the more you save and you can also enjoy a half price drink in the bar after the show. The One Night Stand performances are Sweetshop Revolution’s I loved you and I loved you, Alexander Whitley’s Pattern Recognition, Nora’s Nora Invites Aggiss, Burrows, Fargion and Tanguy, and Igor & Moreno’s A Room For All Our Tomorrows. If you book two of these performances you save 10%, book three and save 20% and book all four and save a whopping 30%!

Make sure you don’t miss the first performance of the spring season at DanceEast this January, and experience the powerful storytelling of Sally Marie’s choreography in I loved you and I loved you, book your tickets now!

I Loved You And I Loved You – Sweetshop Revolution is at DanceEast, Jerwood DanceHouse, Foundry Lane, Ipswich, on Friday 29th January, to book tickets contact the Box Office on 01473 295230 or visit www.danceeast.co.uk.

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