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Celebrating Pop in Suffolk

BBC Radio Suffolk will air a special radio programme this Sunday as part of BBC initiative The People’s History of Pop.

The station’s beloved Drivetime presenter Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster will be broadcasting his show live from the Manor Ballroom in Ipswich where he is inviting listeners to bring along their pop memorabilia to be valued. He’ll also be hearing from locals as they share unforgettable moments when music legends made a mark on our home turf over the decades with stories. The three-hour programme will transmit on BBC Radio Suffolk this Sunday 7 February from 11am.

image007Throughout the week BBC Radio Suffolk has been celebrating the decades in music from Breakfast through to the Drivetime show. This included looking at some of the Suffolk’s five greatest gigs, from when Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant brought the band to the Baths Hall in Ipswich for an intimate but very loud gig in November of 1971, to revisiting when The Beatles played the Gaumont Theatre in Ipswich at the height of their fame October 1964.

The programmes precede a four-part series of The People’s History of Pop coming to BBC Four next year. It will track the history of pop from the 1950s to the 1990s through stories behind treasured music memorabilia sourced from members of the public in the region and across the country. Whether it be precious band t-shirts, photos, badges, ticket stubs, fan club materials, gig programmes, annuals, teen diary entries, teen band recordings, wrist bands, rare footage – it will all shape and define the series.
People’s History of Pop appeals to music fans around the UK for their most precious, personal and rarest music memorabilia and is celebrating the best stories on radio and TV. It will tell the story of popular music through the eyes and ears of the fans and musicians who were there and gathering stories through their souvenirs.

In partnership with Historypin (a user-generated digital archive of historical artefacts), music fans are being asked to upload photos, videos and audio of their rock and pop music memorabilia, performances and artefacts and, importantly, the stories behind them, to bbc.co.uk/peoplespop. This material will create a unique online archive that brings together the UK’s musical history. The series is looking for contributors who have submitted the most surprising, moving and rare material who may then be filmed to appear in the programme.

Managing Editor of BBC Radio Suffolk, Peter Cook, said: “We are so excited about Sunday’s People’s History of Pop show – we’ve come across some amazing stories. This is a chance for music fans to tell their stories from the fifties to the noughties as well as to celebrate the best music from the decade. Suffolk is steeped in music history so we’re appealing to listeners to get in touch with their stories and memorabilia.”
Listen to The People’s History of Pop programme on BBC Radio Suffolk on Sunday 7 February 11am-2pm or on iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03g3w56

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