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Sutton Hoo opens early

For the first time ever, Sutton Hoo is opening it’s doors to visitors a month early. The visitor centre and ancient burial site will start welcoming people this weekend on Saturday 13th February.

Sutton-Hoo-image-200x133Sutton Hoo can be found just outside of Woodbridge where you can explore the atmospheric burial mound site, discover the rich history of the Anglo-Saxons in the Exhibition Hall and learn the story of how ghostly apparitions inspired the dig in the 1930s in Mrs Pretty’s house. The Hoo is nestled in Sutton Heath, in itself one of Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Sutton Hoo will be open 7 days a week from 10.30am – 5pm until 30th October 2016 this year. However throughout the year they will also be holding a number of additional and interesting events such as the Craftsmanship Festival in April, Storytelling Festival in June, The Anniversary of Discoveries in July and their established November Christmas Fair which this year will be held on 12th and 13th.

Excitingly, Sutton Hoo are one of the recognised organisations in England who are allowed to officially celebrate the Queen’s Birthday which falls on 21st April (Offical Birthday). They will be lighting a Beacon and having a bonfire among other attractive goings on.

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