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Crackdown on knives

An operation to target knife crime and those carrying knives took place across Suffolk between Monday 8 February and Sunday 14 February. Operation Sceptre is part of an ongoing Metropolitan Police initiative.

A weapons sweep took place in the Jubilee Park area of Ipswich with two knives being found secreted in the area. Fifteen knives were recovered from a sharps bin and another four knives were recovered during a second sweep on February 11.

Officers also detained a 16 year old boy who had discarded a knife and a bag containing 80 wraps of Class A drugs in West End Road, Ipswich. He is currently on police bail.

During the operation police across the country conducted high visibility patrols in places where intelligence suggested that people may be carrying or using knives illegally.

Weapon sweeps were conducted on estates and in public places where those who carry knives are believed to hide them and retrieve them for use later on.

Police activity also included arrest enquiries in connection with knife related offences and violent crime.

The tactics being employed throughout Operation Sceptre are designed to make it harder for people to carry knives or to have them readily available to use in crime.

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