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New look for Rangers

Ipswich Central Street Rangers will have a refreshed look from today as they hit the streets in a new uniform.

Businesses, and regular visitors to the town centre, will notice that the Street Rangers new uniform is less red than before as they begin to wear their stab vests outside their clothing rather than underneath. The modification has been made to cater for the new equipment they will now carry.

StreetRangersNewKit9From today, Ipswich Central Street Rangers will be equipped with body worn cameras and tracking devices to heighten their personal safety and assist with incidents in the Business Improvement District (BID).

Paul Clement, Chief Executive of Ipswich Central, said: “The Street Rangers, provided by local businesses through the BID, hold a pivotal role in the town centre and their presence is something businesses see as an important element of being part of a Business Improvement District. Because of this, the safety of the team is of paramount important to us.

“As their role has developed over the years, they are relied upon more and more to attend incidents such as shop lifting. The cameras will be used to record the incidents they attend and this footage may well be called upon should a case go to court.

“It’s not just about recording incidents though. Research has shown that the use of body warn cameras can often have a calming effect on an incident, helping to defuse a situation which could have escalated. It is for this reason that we will be introducing these as a standard part of their uniform.”

Members of the public need not worry that they are always being filmed when in Ipswich town centre. Street Rangers will only be recording when they attend an incident which they deem warrants recording. If someone approaches them to ask for assistance in the street, they will be told whether they are being filmed or not.

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