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Learn about Apprenticeships

Ipswich Borough Council is supporting National Apprenticeship Week (14th – 16th March) and is inviting people to find out more about apprentice roles at the Council.

A free open event, Rising To The Top, is being held on Wednesday 16th March from 1pm to 7pm at Grafton House, Russell Road.

This will give you the opportunity to meet our apprentices and discover the positive impact of an Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship. You can also explore our dedicated apprenticeship web pages and find out about the wide variety of apprenticeships that the Council has to offer in fields such as event management, plumbing, gardening, IT, electricians and customer service.

An apprenticeship with Ipswich Borough Council is a great stepping stone to your career, giving you valuable experience in the workplace, your own income and recognised qualifications.

The Council pays its apprentices 140% of the National Apprenticeship wage in the first year and at least this amount or more in subsequent years, depending on your age and apprenticeship term.

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