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Poll: The Cornhill – Have Your Say

We’ve heard what the Council and Business leaders want, but what about the people of Ipswich? Have your say below:

Ipswich Central have announced that another major step towards the regeneration of Ipswich town centre has been taken as the New Anglia LEP board has agreed up to £1.6m match-funding for the regeneration of the iconic Cornhill.

TOWN-HALL-WINDOWS-COMPARISON-stage-2-PSHOPThe 16-strong LEP board, made up of business, education and local authority leaders, agreed to support the project on top of the £1.75m already committed from Ipswich Borough and Suffolk County Council.

The scheme aims to revitalise the Cornhill transforming it into a thriving retail and commercial hub. It will also provide an attractive focal point for the town and stimulate a renaissance of the Cornhill buildings and the wider centre.

The projected economic benefits of the scheme include; over 300 jobs and apprenticeships, three large new businesses located in the area, a 50% reduction in vacant business units and 50 smaller businesses created.

However what do you think? If the Cornhill is as Ipswich Central put it an “Iconic” part of the town should it be changed? Is making the area flat rather than it’s current slope good use of funds, or would you rather see the money invested to improve other areas?

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