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Town Concert

A Town Concert of East Anglian Traditional Music by Katie and John Howson will be at the Museum Street Methodist Church on Thursday 14th April from 1pm to 1.50pm.

Katie and John Howson have been involved with traditional folk music for over 30 years, and in particular have championed the music of East Anglia. The importance of their work was recognised when they were awarded the Gold Badge from the English Folk Dance and Song Society in 2010. This multimedia presentation includes live music and stories about the ‘old boys’ (and the occasional ‘old girl’!) from whom John and Katie learned so much.
Tea and biscuits are available. The kettle will be on the hob at 12.30pm. Although admission is free, a retiring collection of £3.00 will be appreciated. This is to defray expenses incurred in hosting the series. More details can be obtained from secretary@ipswich-arts.org.uk www.ipswich-arts.org.uk or Tel. 01473 836973

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