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Ipswich nursery helping tots explore maths with play

Busy Bees children’s nursery at Ipswich Pinewood has officially launched its new nurturing maths learning programme, endorsed by children’s author, Neil Griffiths and is welcoming its parents and new parents in the area to come see what all the fuss is about!

The nursery, which is part of the wider Busy Bees group of nurseries, is launching the new enhancement at an open day event on Monday July 4th between 10 – 11am to show parents the fun activities designed to nurture their children’s mathematics and problem solving skills.

The programme, which was developed by the Busy Bees Childcare Team, follows on from their hugely successful Babble to Chatter and Beyond nurturing programme, and will involve a comprehensive range of learning activities specifically designed to enhance and support the natural problem solving abilities of children from 0 to 5 years when preparing for school.

The Problem Solving to Mathematics programme is also being supported by children’s author and creator of the critically acclaimed Storysack, Neil Griffiths, who has dedicated many years to children’s educational development.

The programme was inspired by recent research which revealed that almost a quarter (24.2%) of children in England failed to achieve at least the expected level in mathematics at the end of the early years foundation stage between 2014 and 2015.

Emma Jones, Nursery Manager at Busy Bees nursery at Ipswich Pinewood, said:

“Mathematics is fun, and that’s exactly what it should especially at this age. It’s not about adding 2 plus 2 or counting to ten. It’s about stimulating a young minds and taking maths outside of the classroom.

“In addition to providing children with rich stimulating environments for learning, this maths enhancement will also focus on children solving real-life problems and additional training for childcare practitioners to ensure their continued knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject will help them to further support students.”

Lisa Snell, Childcare and Curriculum Manager at Busy Bees, said:

“Early years education is all about laying the foundations through interactive and engaging play. If a child falls in love with learning, they will hopefully always have an inquisitive and inquiring mind. Learning will be an enjoyable experience throughout their lives, not just their nursery and school years but through into adulthood.

“Mathematics is all around us in everyday life. From exploring the environment, problem solving, and discovering patterns – all found in play both indoors and outdoors – these all form an important part of our ongoing education. Therefore, we shouldn’t think mathematics is just about numbers.

“It’s imperative that we improve ways of engaging young minds and reducing the fear that is often the cause of children switching off and consider all the concepts of mathematics rather than just counting and numbers. Above all, maths should be fun!”

For more information about Busy Bees nursery at Ipswich Pinewood, please call the nursery manager Emma on 01473 687017 or visit https://www.busybeeschildcare.co.uk/nursery/ipswich-pinewood

• Pictured: Neil Griffiths, endorser of the Busy Bees nurturing problem solving to mathematics programme

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