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Falcon goes AWOL

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary have put out a desperate plea for information on a missing falcon.

Unfortunately one of the Lanner Falcons has been missing for four days, the falconers have been tracking her in that time. A spokesperson at Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, which is based at Stonham Barns, said: “The last time we saw her was on a bungalow roof, on Church Lane in Claydon.

“We use a Marshall telemetry to track the falcons, but the battery has just died. Now we have no way of tracking her and are relying on old school tracking methods and spreading the word.”

If you see this bird could you please call the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary on 0845 680 7897 or Harry on 07952 907946 or Maz on 07801573749

“She sticks out like a sore thumb, she has a bell attached to her leather anklets just above the foot also an arial hang from the same place which is the tracker”

Update: she was recaptured and returned home late Friday

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