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Dick Whittington

The Company of Four are returning to the Riverside Theatre in Woodbridge this February half term with the traditional family pantomime Dick Whittington & His Cat.

The plot is loosely based on the true story of Dick Whittington who became Lord Mayor of London three times back in the 1300’s. Dick Whittington arrives in London with no money, no friends and nowhere to sleep. He helps out the wealthy store owner, Alderman Fitzwarren, who has an infestation of rats in his store cellar. Dick Whittington falls in love with the Alderman’s daughter, Alice, and is offered a place to stay at the store until he finds something a little more permanent. All is going well until he is framed for stealing the Alderman’s takings from his safe. He is sent on his way, but returns when he hears the bells of Bow Church chiming from Highgate Hill, telling him to return to London and seek his fame and fortune.

Dick stows away on the Alderman’s new ship, crewed by a motley bunch of amateurs who have changed the ships name. Disaster strikes the ship and they all end up on the bottom of the seabed. They’re rescued and the Alderman’s fortunes are changed when he finds the treasure on the Island.

Pantomime just wouldn’t be pantomime without a baddy trying to the thwart the story, this year is no exception with Queen Rat reigning terror on proceedings. All is not lost though, with the help of the good Fairy and Dick Whittington’s faithful cat, Jangles, the story may just have a wonderful ending with one or two surprises along the way!

Producer & Director Oliver Fosker says, “It’s been an absolute pleasure again to be able to write and direct this year’s pantomime, after the success of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ last year. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a script come to life from the pages that have been written, and I’m sure our audience’s are going to have lots of laughter, chances to sing, cheer, boo and hiss throughout the performance”.

• The Company of Four’s production of Dick Whittington & His Cat will be at the Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge from the 10th until 18th February. To book tickets contact the Box Office on 01394 382174.

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