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Bank Holiday Event: Middy in the War Years

Two days of living history at the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway this weekend

Bank Holiday weekend 30th April and 1st May will see two days recreating the atmosphere and scenes of World War II at The Mid Suffolk Light Railway.

Railways played an important role in wartime Britain, and the ‘Middy’ was no exception as it not only served local communities but two local American air bases with supplies and munitions. Featuring wartime displays, reenactment demonstrations and military vehicles, this year’s event will see an expanded range of displays for visitors to enjoy such as military encampments, battle scenes as well as a number of displays dedicated to how people lived their lives back on the home front.

This year also welcomes back the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight who will be providing the event with a Spitfire and a Hurricane on Sunday 30th April (weather permitting).

As well as unlimited rides on trains pulled by steam, there are refreshments available from our well stocked tea room and real ale bar. For more details about this event, prices and directions, please visit the event website at www.middyatwar.co.uk

The Home Guard (Civil Defenders reenactment group).
WVS “Make do & Mend”.
Women’s Institute “living on the ration”.
Royal Navy Observation Post.
Life during the North Africa Campaign
US Army 2nd Armored Division encampment.
British 3rd Infantry Division (Suffolk Regiment and other associated units).
US Army 101st Airborne Division
A varied selection of WW2 era military and civilian vehicles.
Brown Penny Club swing dancers.
Firepower demonstrations.
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire & Hurricane  (14:00 Sunday only; subject to weather and serviceability).

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