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Dramatics at historic Fort

The Landguard Fort that you can see today was built in 1745 and finally closed in 1956 after more than 200 years of use, for many people there is a belief that it is haunted.

For many years on a Sunday afternoon ‘The Man in Black’, took visitors on a tour round the reputedly haunted parts of the Fort. His knowledge came from the paranormal event people who had investigated the various rooms. His little book ‘Things That Go Bump in the Fort’ is a good read and sells well in the Landguard Fort shop but there is nothing to compare with actually hearing the story whilst being in the locations mentioned in his book.

‘The Man in Black’ is no longer able to do the weekly tours so the team at Landguard Fort are looking for someone to take on the role.

“When I go up to Edinburgh to see my family they always take me on one of the ghost tours which that City has lots of.” Says Laurence Hendry from the Landguard Fort Trust. “What stands out is that the guides who take us round seem to have that acting skill to get their punters involved in their stories. The Fort has many very good guides who can describe the historical events in the Fort but not with the acting skills to get our visitors involved in the supernatural events that have taken place in the Fort.

“So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of an actor or actress who fancies dressing up and entertaining our visitors on a regular Sunday or Saturday afternoon why not give us a call. This would not be a commitment to do every weekend but as many as you felt able to do. You would join a friendly bunch of volunteers and our visitors are the loveliest people you could meet. We could assist with your training and the costume you would wear when doing the tour.”

• If you are more interested in the historical facts the Fort also needs guides for various groups aged from six to aged 96. Assuming this has interested you then give Laurence Hendry a call without obligation on 07766 209416.

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