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Not sure what to do with your old £5 note? 

From today (the 5th of May) you will no longer be able to use your old five pound notes in shops and restaurants.  You will need to go to the bank or building society to change them. 

Why not help a local charity by donating that old five pound note and help that five pound note to keep on giving.  You can drop off your old fivers to any Ipswich Building Society and they will credit the Fresh Start New Beginnings account or if you work in a large building with lots of colleagues why not have a whip round of all old fivers and donate them to the charity.   

Fresh Start-new beginnings was set up in October 2012 to provide a specialist therapeutic service for children who have disclosed being sexually abused and to provide advice, support and guidance to their families. Since that date over 800 children have asked for their help. 

Child Sexual Abuse leaves its victim traumatised and their families devastated. Fresh Start New Beginnings offers an assessment of the needs of each family member and formulates a treatment plan for the child victim at their centre. The children suffer from many concerning symptoms which they try to block out with unhealthy coping strategies such as cutting themselves. Fresh Start New Beginnings aims to help these children and young people make sense of the confusion they feel and teach them healthy coping strategies to deal with the difficulties they face. The work is at the child’s pace and has no time limit. The strengths and potentials of each child or young person are identified and highlighted as they begin to be able to move from victim to survivor and a more positive future. 

At Fresh Start New Beginnings they help give back children’s futures and your support will really help this small charity where every penny really does make a difference.  

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