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Corrie search to continue

Search work at the Milton landfill site will continue for at least a further week as the hunt for missing Corrie McKeague continues.

Officers have now cleared well over 3,100 tonnes of waste on the site and have completed work on searching the cell that was originally identified. However, towards the edges of the area it has also been noticed that the waste may have naturally shifted from the place where it was originally deposited and the search has been extended into these areas which may still hold the answer to Corrie’s disappearance.

Throughout the search officers have found material that have indicated they are in the right area – finding waste that was clearly identifiable as being from Bury St Edmunds, and within the right time frame.

The work being completed is continually being reviewed, with daily updates being passed to senior officers overseeing the investigation. In view of the dates on items still being found and advice from officers on the ground and the site team, the search will continue into week 11.

The officers carrying out the search have been working extremely hard in difficult circumstances – with the nature of the waste being searched through, safety considerations, the weather and the depth of the search required presenting a number of daily challenges.

Throughout the search Corrie has very much been in the forefront of officers’ minds.

The total cost of the investigation to date, including the search of the site, is estimated at over £1million and enquiries have been continuing, with officers gathering further information about Corrie’s lifestyle and background.

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