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Poetry in the Café

‘Poetry and Poets are on the increase in Suffolk!’ That’s a bold statement to make, not sure who said it but when one assesses the number of Poetry Cafes in Suffolk and the number of poetry events it seems logical. Suffolk Poetry Society [SPS] lists many Poetry Cafes on their website, not least of which is Felixstowe Café Poets [FCP.]

In fact Suffolk Poetry Society, will be holding its fourth Poetry Festival at the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket on Saturday 27th May 2017 and part of the Festival will be poetry readings by FCP and the many Poetry Cafes in Suffolk.

You may be wondering what Poetry Cafes are and what they do. If you think back to your school days and what you learned in English lessons about historic poets and their poetry, undoubtedly you will know that poets liked to meet together over a cup of coffee in suitable venues where they could read and share their poetry with each other and discuss.

It is the same with today’s poets – what better than to have opportunity over a coffee, hot chocolate or cup of tea to listen to new poetry being read and in some cases to have critique as to whether a certain line or word in the poem would be better if slightly changed so that the poem and the form in which it is written would work better. Indeed Poetry Cafes are great places to try out your poetry on other poets before you launch it to the general public.

Not only will FCP take part in SPS Poetry Festival, Stowmarket but will also start Felixstowe Book Festival’s Saturday events on 1st July by sharing their poetry at the 9.30am breakfast event in His Lordship’s Library at the Orwell Hotel! Tickets for the SPS Poetry Festival are available online Contact SPS Festival Director, festival@suffolkpoetrysociety.org.uk

• Tickets for Felixstowe Book Festival available from 21st April
www.felixstowebookfestival.co.uk or telephone the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich on 01473 295900.

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