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Tinnitus Awareness Month

Bloom hearing specialists are actively supporting ‘Tea for Tinnitus’ Month and urge all members of Ipswich to come out for this great event to gain a better understanding about Tinnitus, available treatment and have any hearing concerns addressed.

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is the UK’s only dedicated national tinnitus charity. The aim of the #T4Tinnitus campaign is to generate discussion about tinnitus and raise awareness of the work being carried out and support provided by the BTA and other services across the country.

About 30% of people in the UK will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives but the number of people who live with persistent tinnitus is approximately 10%. Tinnitus is more common in people who have hearing loss or other ear problems, but it can also be found in people with normal hearing.

As a local specialist in hearing problems, bloom™ has many customers who have come to them suffering from tinnitus. Research has shown that for some people, tinnitus can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, sleep problems and affect quality of life. The good news is there are many different treatment options available to help manage and mask the tinnitus and can greatly minimize the impact it has on daily life.

Jason Searle, Audiologist at bloom™ hearing specialists commented:

“Tinnitus affects people in very different ways. Some people find it moderately annoying with others finding it very troublesome. At bloom™ our hearing aids offer a ‘Zen’ setting, which is a unique music program used as a distraction technique for the masking of tinnitus, which may significantly reduce a user’s experience of the condition. Following treatment, sufferers tend to cope better with their tinnitus, having significantly less impact on their day to day lives. We hope people will come in and talk to us about Tinnitus.”

You can support the charity with a donation – who need to raise half a million pounds each year to continue with their UK wide support. Donations can be made via the BTA website tinnitus.org.uk

OPEN EVENT with bloom audiologist, Jason Searle, to give FREE advice and screening tests–
When: Wednesday, 28 June 2017
Time: 9-1pm
Where: 5 Tacket St, Ipswich IP4 1AU

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