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Art: Don’t miss the boat

The John Russell Gallery in Ipswich welcomes Karen Stamper back for her second solo show this November. Cambridge based artist Karen Stamper is a very busy exciting and collage artist. She is returning to Ipswich, with a new collection on the theme of urban shoreline.

You may have spotted Karen sketching from the local ferry or sitting on the jetty at Harwich in all weather. Karen works in her sketchbook with a range of pens, paints and collage papers, and then it is back to the studio to create her collage paintings, which are skilfully built up using found papers such as labels, maps and lettering with layers of acrylic.

“I want to capture the vibrancy and colour of boats on a sunny day, the chaotic mix of bright paint, the working machinery around the harbour’s edge, and the individuality of the fishing boats. You can almost hear the lapping of the water and the pinging of the halyards on masts”.

Growing up on the east coast of Yorkshire as a happy beachcomber, Karen was free to wander, attracted to the faded painted wood, scraps of gaudy plastic and brightly coloured fishing floats. This freedom set her path. Old boats, the sun-salty smell of tarpaulin and diesel, are all comforting childhood memories, Karen still naturally gravitates towards the harbour in any coastal town.

In this exhibition you can see a range of pieces, from 30cm to 1m square. Karen is also happy for you to browse through her sketchbooks, which will be on display in the gallery. Don’t miss the boat with this exciting vibrant and imaginative artist.

Karen Stamper will be exhibiting her work at The John Russell Gallery in Ipswich from Monday 30th October until Saturday 25th November. For further information please contact Anthony Coe at: a.coe@artone.co.uk or visit www.thejohnrussellgallery.co.uk.

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