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The Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop will be touring East Anglia this Autumn from 25th October until 25th November.

After their acclaimed touring productions of The Unhappy Medium & Phantom Bantam of The Opera in 2016, Common Ground return with this riotous, theatrically inventive adaptation, with original live music by Pat Whymark, and featuring Julian Harries as (among others) Nell’s grandfather, Samson Brass and Mrs Jarley.

“Little” Nell Trent lives with her devoted grandfather in his London shop, a magical place filled from wall to wall with dust-laden treasures. He keeps his nocturnal gambling a secret but becomes deeply in debt to the villainous loan shark Quilp. When he gambles away what little money they have, The Old Curiosity Shop is seized by Quilp as payment and Nell and her grandfather are forced to flee London. On the run, and with Quilp on their trail, the pair fall in with a succession of colourful characters, some friendly, some ominous. Over time, she becomes the parent and he the child, a burden which starts to take its toll on her.

• To book tickets visit www.commongroundtc.co.uk

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