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Police work continues to get Suffolk moving

Suffolk police have today continued working in a multi-agency hub at police headquarters as the subzero temperatures continue.

Representatives from a number of agencies, such as Suffolk Highways, the 4×4 approved volunteer vehicle network and the local authority are at Martlesham Heath co-ordinating resources so they are mobilised in the most effective manner providing support to those in need across the county.

People at work are also advised to leave work earlier than normal due to more snow predicted later today.

Since 10pm last night there have been around six road traffic collisions, although in the vast majority of these no one is believed to have sustained serious injuries.

Chief Inspector Matt Rose said: “The multi-agency hub worked very well yesterday so we are continuing the same approach today with agencies coming together at the hub to plan and direct the resources where most need is required.

“The good news is that the A140 re-opened earlier today, however we are still advising motorists against non-urgent travel during today and if they do venture out to drive according to the conditions.

“We would also advise people who are at work today, to, if possible, to leave their workplace early. This is to avoid the rush hour as more snow is predicted in the county early evening that may cause further problems. We want to ensure people who are on the roads during the day get home safely this evening from work.

As we reach the end of the working week I’d like to express our thanks to everyone who has been helping through what have been very difficult and challenging situations. This has been a real partnership approach, including the support we have had from farming and the 4 x4 vehicle communities. We will continue to work together to offer the county support where needed over the weekend.”

“The advice remains the same as yesterday about not being complacent. Your journey may initially be ok with no or little snow, but the threat of snow drifts and ice on the roads still remains. Please take care and if you do feel in danger – please call 101 or 999 so we can help you.”

Drivers who need to travel are advised to:

Plan ahead – check you route on a planner to see the latest traffic updates

Tell friends or family about your travel plans – including route – and let them know when you’ve arrived

Make sure you vehicle is clear of snow/ice, has sufficient fuel and screenwash

Allow plenty of time for your journey

Travel at a low speed avoiding sudden braking/steering moves

Keep a sensible distance between you and the car in front
Use headlights – do not rely solely on daytime running lights

If visibility falls below 100m use your fog lights

Take provisions (blanket, warm clothing, food/water)

Charge your phone before setting off

If you get stuck in the snow stay with your car, but in an emergency if you do need to leave it, park it out of the main traffic route, where it won’t cause an obstruction when conditions ease. Leave a contact number on the inside of the windscreen and return to your car at the first opportunity you have

Please follow our twitter (@suffolkpolice) and our facebook page (/suffolkpolice) for updates of any road traffic collisions and areas to avoid.

Suffolk Police asks the public to report any non-urgent matters online at www.suffolk.police.uk In an emergency please call 999.

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