Felixstowe Flood Gates to be closed this weekend

The flood gates in Felixstowe will be closed, and shingle boards put in place, from Friday afternoon and will remain closed this weekend, because of the forecast of a combination of strong NE winds and high tides.

The flood gates are being closed, as a precautionary measure, to stop the wave wash from the expected strong wave action crossing the promenade into the seafront gardens and road beyond.

Cllr Andy Smith, Suffolk Coastal’s Cabinet Member for Coastal Management, said “We apologise to seafront users and traders for any inconvenience but, in liaison with the Environment Agency, we decided to do this as a precautionary measure in the light of the issues we had after Storm Emma a couple of weeks ago, where some sea water did get on to the road, and sand and shingle were washed into the seafront gardens in a few places.”

The plan is to re-open the flood gates at the beginning of next week, once the bad weather has passed through.