Run club welcomes runners of all levels

Rushmere Community Runners is an active growing group of mixed ability runners formed in 2017 after the closure of the Sweatshop Running Community, with the backing and support of Coes of Ipswich.

They meet on a Tuesday and Thursday night at Ipswich School Sports Centre in Rushmere, and currently have upwards of 90 people attending each session. With qualified coaches and Run Leaders within the group, they can cater for runners just starting out on the Couch to 5K programme, those with disabilities, through to those already competing in races and events on a regular basis.

Tuesday night is where all the runners come together, regardless of their ability, to take part in a session focusing on a particular discipline. The group as a whole usually run on the road to the same location, where they are put through their paces by one of the coaches or Run Leaders. This could be a hill climb session, speed loops or maybe sprints. Each runner can take part at their pace, completing as much as they want to. During the winter months, the group hires one of the Astro hockey pitches for some floodlight circuit sessions, away from the road. These will continue as the nights get lighter, but on the grass pitches.

Thursday night is where the runners split into different paced groups for an hour out on the road, covering whatever distance is possible in the time allowed.

These groups start with a beginner’s walk and run, right through to those who are aiming for much faster times. You can choose whichever group you feel comfortable with on the night.

As the group has grown, more runners have grown in confidence and started to enter events, from Park Runs, short local races and through to international marathons,

Each session is free, there is no need to book, plus there is a reward incentive scheme in place. Every week you attend, your card is stamped. The more stamps you collect, you can then earn rewards from a group technical shirt, to discounted running shoes.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned runner looking to join with like minded people, then Rushmere Community Runners could be for you?

• For more information about Rushmere Community Runners you can email Jan Reeve at