Landguard Fort Battery Tours

Frequently visitors to Landguard Fort ask about access to the roof and to the towers overlooking the river.

The roof houses the Fire Commander’s post and the Port War Signal Station but even though you can see railings from inside the Fort there is none on the outside which gives the risk of visitors falling off the roof into the moat which is very dangerous.

The towers overlooking the river is Darrells Battery and the fort do take visitors there but only with a guide so that they do not wander into the Right Battery which is run by the Bird Observatory. Most visitors have missed the Left Battery which they pass on the approach to the Fort.

In 2017 the Fort did very few outer battery tours as they could not get access to the roof or Darrells Battery due to the repair works being done by English Heritage. The Left Battery as a result was neglected and they found it very overgrown with brambles. That has been addressed with work parties in the Left Battery on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings so please do not park in front of the access gate as they do have to get equipment in and out and your car could get damaged. This working party have started by using a petrol lawn mower on its highest setting to get the tops off the brambles and then they dug out the roots, one by one. By Easter they had it back under control, and will now take the mower over the ground on a monthly basis at a middle setting to stop the brambles coming back.

The website has details of the way they plan to do tours so please have a look as there is no space to cover it all in this piece and it will be the way you pre-book the tours. They will still be on a Sunday starting at 10am rather than the afternoons as in the past. Please be aware that stout footwear and a degree of agility is needed due to the route of the tours.

Laurence Hendry, Landguard Fort Trust