Could this be the future look of Ipswich?

Ideas aiming to make Ipswich future-proofed, more dynamic and environmentally-friendly whilst respecting the town’s historical character and rich heritage have been unveiled.

The ideas are a result of a commission by Ipswich Central, the Business Improvement District (BID) for Ipswich, leading architects and urban planning firm Allies and Morrison have put forward 10 blue-sky ideas about how they think the Ipswich Vision could look in the future.

Ipswich Central hope that the ideas will stimulate debate around urban planning and help to advance the Ipswich Vision in collaboration with it’s partners.

Already some of these ideas have come in for criticism by locals who feel that its is the people of Ipswich who should make these decisions rather than being guided by “outsiders”. But the ideas are just that at the moment, ideas.

Below we look at the suggestions…. if you would like to comment and get involved in discussion then join the debate on our Ipswich24 Facebook page.

Riverside Park – an attractive parkland link between the station and the waterfront.
Another idea is to create a new riverside park between Sir Bobby Robson Bridge and Stoke Bridge; creating a fresh, green spaces along the riverbanks from the train station to the waterfront; which would not only make for an attractive stroll from the station to the waterfront, but also improve the view for visitors and residents crossing the bridge from the stations and heading down Princes Street. This regeneration would also encourage new development in the currently vacant land between Cardinal Park and the river.

St Peters Dock – a dynamic arts-lead gateway to the waterfront.
The area of St Peters Dock is a key entry point to the waterfront and yet has long been abandoned. Allies and Morrison propose pedestrianising the area to make the area around Stoke Bridge more attractive and creating an impressive entrance the the waterfront (continuing their Riverside Park concept). Meanwhile, the iconic R&W PAUL building could become a new contemporary arts venue and work to build on the waterfronts dynamic offer.

Lloyds Avenue – a vibrant avenue to the heart of the town.
Allies and Morrison have proposed to regenerate Lloyds Avenue; which, once Crown Street car park has been completed and the Cornhill has been unveiled, will become a key access point to the town centre. The idea is to make Lloyds Avenue a vibrant and energetic entrance to the town with a particular focus on outdoor dining and establishing a new music venue to bring new life into this once prominent area of the town.

Star Lane, Key Street and College Street gyratory – connecting the town centre and the waterfront.
Another area between the town centre and the waterfront that has long been neglected is the gyratory road system made up of Star Lane, Key Street and College Street; a loop that has long been a headache for motorists. Allies and Morrison propose to pedestrianise College Street and parts of Key Street whilst allowing two-way traffic down Star Lane to ease the flow of traffic. Pedestrianising College Street would also continue to improve the entrance to the waterfront, open up the St Peters Dock area and create a smoother flow from the town centre to the waterfront.

The full document of ideas from Allies and Morrison is available online: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Ipswich Central hopes that the ideas proposed by Allies and Morrison inspire and invigorate the town and help to develop the plans of the Ipswich Vision and support Ipswich Borough Council’s exciting new Public Realm Strategy (PRS); and showcase the enormous potential for the future of Ipswich.