Sleeping with Anxiety

Sleeping With Anxiety – By Mind Coach & Television Presenter Anna Williamson

Anna’s Top 10 Tips

1) Firstly, remember you’re not alone: Being awake when it seems everyone else is asleep can feel the most lonely time, rest assured it isn’t just you!

2) Choose a time: You might not have kept to a bedtime since you were a child, but it’s helpful to create a routine.

3) Ban technology: Phones, tablets, laptops etc all stimulate the mind and therefore hinder sleep taking over.

4) Prepare for sleep: Help to reduce any anxiety and stress by creating a bedtime routine.

5) Write a to do list: Limit all whirling thoughts by writing them down!

6) Listen to music: Choosing the right song is key. Choose something soothing, relaxing and calming as it really can help in promoting positive happy and anxiety free feelings.

7) Breathe: When we’re anxious we don’t breathe properly.

8) Avoid alcohol and caffeine: Anxiety’s nemesis… keep clear of all stimulants!

9) Do something boring: If you can’t sleep or wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, don’t reward your brain by watching a gripping TV show… pick a really boring task!

10) Exercise: This is proven to help promote sleep and endorphins (happy chemicals which reduce anxiety).

Anna Williamson is a television presenter, radio broadcaster, life coach, counsellor, Master NLP practitioner and author of the bestselling book Breaking Mad. She is also an Ambassador for Mind, Childline and The Princess Trust. Anna now runs her own private coaching practice offering those in need 1 to 1 coaching sessions, alongside appearing on This Morning, Good Morning Britain (ITV), Inside Out (BBC One), Big Brother’s Bit on the Side (C5) and celebrity dating show Single AF (MTV). She has also just published her latest book Breaking Mum And Dad: The Insider’s Guide To Parenting Anxiety.