Vikings on the march!

On Thursday 28th of June, four Viking Raiders and one young warrior, of Ormsgard Re-enactment Group, will march 20 miles from Woodbridge to Stonham Barns for the History Alive event.

Dressed in full Viking-period kit they will be setting off from the Longshed at Woodbridge and make camp for the night at The Orchard Campsite, Wickham Market. The camp will be basic, as all equipment must be carried and shelters will be made with wool cloth, sheep skins and rope. No modern clothing, sleeping kit or technology will be allowed, except an emergency mobile phone.

The journey continues on Friday with the group crossing the Suffolk countryside, arriving midday in Otley, and then through Helmingham using public footpaths only; they hope to arrive late afternoon at Stonham Barns for the weekend. Camp will be set up here for the History Alive multi-period event, displaying Living History and fighting from Roman times to WWII and beyond.

To answer why these individuals would walk 20 miles in replica leather shoes, clothing, equipment and weaponry? The answer is for the love and passion for history. Andreas Kuchner-Mason, leading the walk says ‘it is important to understand what our ancestors had to do every day in order to survive and thrive, and to experience it first hand is a once in a lifetime opportunity’.

The Raiders and Traders welcome people to come and ask questions on their walk, and invite you see them at History Alive event on 30th June and 1st July at Stonham Barns.