Review: Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is one of the Bard’s best comedies, but even with a good story how many times can you watch the same old play (and as it was written in 1598 it is old!)?

We know the story of two couples, the first head over heels in love with one another, until a third party starts to meddle. The other couple meanwhile, both destined to fall in love but each fighting to deny it.

Chances are you’ve seen Much Ado About Nothing, once, twice maybe more… so how can we possibly watch it again and still find it enjoyable??

Simply get Jo Carrick and her talented Red Rose Theatre Chain to do their own adaptation and it instantly becomes reborn.

Jo has a tremendous knack of keeping to Shakespeare’s original text while also adding some clever pieces of her own and producing a piece that is as captivating and fresh as it was when it was first performed 420 years ago!

The central male characters are returning from battle, but in this 2018 version it’s coming back from World War 2 (the whole play is set in the 1940s). The returning soldiers being this time, WW2 fighter pilots, awfully nice fellows and this sets the scene for some jolly japes, throw back musical pieces of the war years and jitterbugging while still staying true to the original play.

The cast of six (or was that seven?) take on multiple roles, Jo has cast some talented actors and not a poor performance from any of them.

There are laughs a plenty, audience participation and you are guaranteed to leave the unique forest setting with a smile on your face.

A great introduction to theatre for the young, a fun evening (or afternoon) for those who’ve seen the Bard’s work before, Jo Carrick’s direction is such that even Shakespeare himself would approve. (5 Star Production)

Much Ado About Nothing
Red Rose Chain Theatre in the Forest at Jimmy’s Farm

1st-26th August. Book 01473 603388 or visit

• Review, Mark Keable, Ipswich24
• Main picture Bill Jackson, all others David Newborn