The pirates are coming

The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd September will see Landguard Fort in Felixstowe invaded by over 100 re-enactors playing the parts of Dastardly Pirates, Brave Soldiers, Secretive Smugglers and Stoical Citizens as they go about their everyday business in the Fort.

You are invited to help the Constable or Revenue Man catch the villains, join in the dancing or take part in the games. Why not come in costume and take the King’s Shilling or sign the Pirate Ship’s Articles.

There will be special games and trails for the children and a prize for the best dressed child.
For those with a thirst, Templar Taverns will have quality wines, meads and ales.

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Taking part are:
Essex Militia (Pirates & children’s games)
Capt. Candy and his crew of cut throats (pirates)
Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote
Salmagundi – Musicians (playing all weekend – also have a caller for dancing)
Felix Stowaways – coming to do short performance
Mordecai Viniger and the crew of the Nasty Tern
The Georgian Ladies
East Norfolk Militia
Constable Tony Cullen
East Norfolk Regiment of Foot
The English Civil War Society
The Sealed Knot
Colchester Historical Enactment Society
The Naze Sea Shanty Singers
Tempus Experienta
Billy Hurran
Boa Vista.

WARNING there will be musket and cannon fire so please do not bring your dogs into the Fort, or nervous children for that matter.
Admission Prices: Adults (including EH members) £7.50; Concessions £6.50; Children £3.00
Or the equivalent in Dubloons or Pieces of Eight (variable depending on the exchange rate on the day of admission)
Laurence Hendry – Landguard Fort