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New serious crime team for Suffolk

A new county-wide proactive policing team has been launched in Suffolk to tackle the high threat and harm issues including the supply of controlled drugs.

The Serious Crime Disruption Team (SCDT) has been established as part of the wider plans to restructure the force’s policing model which were announced in July.

The changing nature of crime and its rise in certain areas means Suffolk’s policing model needs to be as flexible, effective and efficient as possible for the communities it serves. The purpose of the changes is to provide a proactive policing resource that puts visibility and accessibility at its forefront.

The SCDT core aim will be to disrupt serious and organised gangs whose criminal activity focuses on issues such as drug supply and harmful personal acquisitive crime such as robbery/burglary. They will also be available to support domestic abuse, child sexual abuse and serious sexual offences.

This newly formed team will fill a gap that existed previously between the CID teams across the force and the region-wide capabilities of the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit.

The SCDT will provide a resource which can investigate serious criminality on a ‘cradle to grave’ approach. This means the team will develop the relevant information and intelligence, conduct enforcement activity and then provide an officer who will build the case and see the investigation through to trial.

The team will be led by a Detective Inspector and supported by a Detective Sergeant, two Detective Constables, four Police Constables and three civilian police support investigators (PSIs).

These PSIs will provide additional capability with digital media investigation used to recognise the online nature of much of this criminality.

DCI Jeff Yaxley who will oversee the SCDT said: “This new team is part of Suffolk Constabulary’s commitment to maintain proactive policing. This will ensure we use appropriate policing tactics to target those individuals who cause the most harm to communities.

“Although the officers who form the SCDT are the core personnel, it is envisaged that there will be occasions where they will be joined by area based teams to provide an enhanced proactive capability. The SCDT has specialist skills and is equipped to pro-actively tackle force-wide and local policing priorities, while responding to the needs of local people”

“Intelligence is the life-blood of proactive policing and, in particular, this new team’s work. We are keen to respond to the needs of local people to keep our communities safe and I would encourage people to get in touch with us if they see something that seems suspicious or out of place so that we can take action and investigate this.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: “I think drugs, and the violence linked to this despicable trade, are the biggest threats facing Suffolk at the moment so I’m pleased to see this new team in place.

“I fully support the Chief Constable’s plan to prioritise the Constabulary’s resources to establish this pro-active team which will tackle the high-risk crimes affecting our communities such as drug supply and violent crime.”

He added: “Whilst I am pleased the Constabulary has introduced this new team, I do believe that these drug-related issues cannot be dealt with by policing alone and I will continue to work with other public sector partners in the county as this needs a multi-agency approach.”

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