Landguard Fort Goes Greener

Landguard Fort are pleased to report that they have decided reduce their environmental impact by cutting back on their use of plastic.

This has been achieved in the shop by using compostable cups instead of the ones lined with plastic. In addition they use wooden stirrers and their carrier bags are now paper instead of plastic. In fact they had a customer exclaim how good the bags are for doing craft work so she had a use for it after she got home.

General Manager Nicola Wilkinson states, “In our view there is absolutely no excuse for ignoring the damage disposable plastics are causing to the environment in general and our oceans in particular. As a popular tourist attraction right next to the sea we have a special responsibility to ensure our trading activities cause no damage to the immediate, and wider, environment.

“The fort is totally reliant on the volunteers who give their time freely to manage and operate it, and they are encouraged not to bring in bottled water but use the tap instead, and use ceramic mugs for beverages rather than disposable containers.”

The Landguard Fort shop manager said, “There’s been so much in the media about the need to put pressure on big retailers like the major supermarket chains to ban plastic drinking straws, plastic cotton buds, plastic bottled water and the like – so much of which ends being washed up on our beaches – that we decided to stop just talking and thinking about it and just do it. It’s a no-brainer and it wasn’t difficult. In addition our volunteers at Landguard Fort are encouraged to use their initiative and bring forward new ideas and ways of doing things.’

Chairman of the Trustees Tim Clark commented, “It’s brilliant that our volunteers get on and do what we all know is right. The Trustees and Management Committee endorse this initiative absolutely and I think we’re justifiably proud in taking a lead in Felixstowe on this issue.”