FREE Car Parking for Armistice Day and other events

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are planning to provide free parking at their car parks across east Suffolk on Armistice Day and in the build up to Christmas.

“We feel it is important at this time of year that the local councils play their part in actively supporting the events being staged by our communities. Hopefully, this gesture will be a boost to the community events being held across Suffolk Coastal and Waveney,” said Cllrs Carol Poulter and Graham Catchpole, from Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Cabinets, in a joint announcement.

Armistice Day Parking:
This is the 100th Anniversary of the 1918 Armistice, and many people across the district are planning commemorative events.

This year, Armistice Day (11th November) also falls on a Sunday, so the events are likely to attract large crowds to commemorate the sacrifice of all those in the armed forces who died during World War One.

“This year (2018) is a particularly significant date, as it marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. The councils want to support people, who want to commemorate this significant day,” explained Cllr Poulter and Catchpole.

Last year (2017), Suffolk Coastal and Waveney offered 3 hours free parking on the Saturday and Sunday over the Armistice weekend.

This year, the councils are offering free parking at every car park across Suffolk Coastal and Waveney for the entire day, as there are parades and events being staged in different places throughout the day.

Christmas Events:
The councils are also supporting shoppers and traders in the build up to Christmas, particularly with events such as Christmas markets and Christmas lights being switched on.
“Obviously, in the build up to Christmas, there is a larger variety of events being held over a longer period of time. However, we would still like to do our bit in supporting the community events and are getting into the festive spirit by offering periods of free parking during the weeks leading up to Christmas,” said Cllrs Poulter and Catchpole.

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney have decided to offer two-hour blocks of free parking to support local shops and community organisation, which can be used to link to specific events twice during the build up to Christmas (so two session of free parking in the four-week period before Christmas).

Town and Parish Councils can decide which days they would like to operate the two-hour’s free parking, and in which car park(s) across east Suffolk, then contact Sue Keeble at Norse to express their interest and take up the offer. Sue can be contacted at: