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Suffolk Constabulary to deliver 12 Days of Christmas Safety advice

Suffolk Constabulary has designed Christmas baubles to remind people to keep safe and within the law as the festive campaign is launched.

#12DaysofChristmasSafety will run from today, Wednesday 12 December through until Christmas Eve with police delivering a series of crime prevention messages and guidance on a collection of baubles via the force’s social media accounts.

Suffolk’s County Policing Commander, Chief Superintendent Tonya Antonis said: “The aim of our campaign is to encourage the public to be more aware of crime prevention while they’re out enjoying the festivities this month.

“We know that at Christmas we generally enjoy spending time with our friends and families, but too much alcohol can cause problems in lots of different ways. Unfortunately, for some, it can fuel emotions and lead to arguments. It can also mean some people lose their inhibitions and take more risks leaving themselves vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime or perpetrator of crime, including violence or sexual offences. So we are urging everyone to drink responsibly and to know their limits.

“Suffolk Constabulary launched a month-long campaign against driving under the influence at the start of this month to remind motorists that deciding to drink or take drugs before getting behind the wheel could cost them dearly. Be sure to arrange an alternative method of getting home after a party as anyone caught faces a minimum 12-18 month ban, however, drink or drug driving could cost you a lot more than your licence.

“Sadly, Christmas isn’t always a happy time for all as we often see a spike in opportunist crime such as burglary and theft. However, these types of crimes can be prevented by taking extra care when you are out shopping. There are also various simple safety precautions residents can do at home too. Throughout our campaign, we will address these to ensure everyone has a safe Christmas.

“This year we have designed 12 baubles with various safety messages attributed to them. Residents, if they wish, can download and print the baubles and then hang them from their trees, so that the messages will be there as a reminder throughout the festive season.”

Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: “December is a busy time and we may be in and out of the home more regularly while we’re busy shopping for presents and seeing loved ones. Sadly, it’s also a time for opportunist thieves. So whether you’re popping into town or visiting friends, make sure to follow a few safety precautions in order to try and beat the burglar.”

For the full press release and to view/download the 12 baubles, please go to:

For further crime prevention advice, visit: http://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/crime-prevention-z

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