Review: Sleeping Beauty – Felixstowe

Christmas and New Year is panto time!!! Those presented by the Dennis Lowe Theatre Company at the Felixstowe Spa are one of the most established. This year sees the 53rd panto for the company, so clearly they have a lot of experience in bringing the panto magic to life.

This year’s production is Sleeping Beauty, written and directed by Suzie Lowe and follows in the tradition and standard of the previous 52 pantos of bringing lots of laughs, boos and hisses plus some great toe-tapping song and dance numbers.

TV programmes such as Strictly prove the popularity of dance and lovers of the art will not be disappointed as there is a lot of dance in this production.

The story of Sleeping Beauty is one that has enthralled children for many years, plucky heroine sent to sleep by an evil wicked witch (and this is one evil witch, who judging from the children in the seats near your reviewer, did her job well – lots of boos!!!).

The good fairy meanwhile struggles to help and along with the prince, finally good triumphs over evil and even the evil witch sees the error of her ways, look out for a few other surprises too.

This is great family entertainment, suitable for all, there’s a few topical references as you would expect, a superb pantomime dame and some really good vocal performances from the cast.

Suzie Lowe has kept up the standards that were set by her father. All in all it’s great traditional panto the way it should be done and great value family entertainment.

Sleeping Beauty is at the Spa, Felixstowe until Sunday 6th January.
Book now – 01394 284962

Review: Mark Keable, Ipswich24 Magazine