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Talk: GHQ Auxiliary Units of WWII

The next meeting of the Alde Valley Suffolk Family History Group will be a talk by Chris Pratt, Curator  of the Parham Airfield Museum, about “Britain’s Secret Army”. 

During the Second World War, Britain had its own underground resistance network. Made up of local men, these Auxiliary Units were trained in underground resistance, should the country be invaded and occupied. They were highly-trained and very determined ‘stay behinds’ who were to remain undetected in carefully constructed ‘bunkers’ as the invading German Army made its way through Britain. The men and women who served in this secret organisation would have become the British underground resistance should the threat of invasion have been realised.

The Museum of the British Resistance Organisation is dedicated to these men and women, and was established on Parham Airfield in August 1997. It has a replica underground bunker where visitors can experience what it would have been like to have been an Auxilier. Chris Pratt joined the Museum as a volunteer some ten years ago, following a life in the Police and as a money broker, and is now its Curator.

This talk will be at Snape Village Hall on Monday 21st January and will start at 2.30pm. Everyone is welcome; admission costs £1 for members and £3 for non-members.

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