Let’s tackle air pollution together

Ipswich Borough Council is offering to deliver free air quality workshops in schools as part of this year’s Clean Air Day campaign.

Air Quality officers will be available throughout June to deliver free talks and workshops in schools across Ipswich to help raise awareness of the importance of improved air quality and the small steps we can take to reduce air pollution.

During these workshops, children will learn about the sources of air pollution around schools, how air pollution affects them and what they can do to improve local air quality and protect themselves from pollution. Interested schools also have the opportunity of working with officers to conduct an educational anti-idling campaign for motorists outside the school gates at peak times.

Every school the Council visits will also get the opportunity to participate in a five-day walking challenge between 17th – 21st June, that will see each pupil who walks to school every day get a free 10-day pass at one of the Council’s sports facilities.

Clean Air Day takes place on 20th June and is the UK’s biggest air pollution campaign.

Councillor Alasdair Ross, Community Protection portfolio-holder, said: “This is an opportunity to find out more about pollution, share information and make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone. We want to work together with schools on a wide range of issues concerning air quality and are interested in the views they put forward.”

If your school would like to get involved, please contact Ipswich Borough Council’s Environmental Health team on 01473 433115 or email environmental.health@ipswich.gov.uk.